The Biography Baskets

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Gone Rural have created three biography baskets, telling the stories of three women, over three generations in one family. Each sculpture tells the story of the weaver who has created it and is a one off piece.

As the women work they braid three strands together, as their mothers and grandmothers have done before them. As they work they sing, in meditation, with joy, some sing in thanks to their ancestors as to have work they must have been blessed by them. 

As we follow the creation of a basket from it’s grass roots to it’s completion the story of a life is woven into it’s fibres. The basket tells a story, hour by hour, day by day they transcribe the Women’s daily lives that resonate in beautiful harmony with nature; sometimes the days are harsh, they care for their families and confront sickness, they tend to their crops and cattle. It is a story rich in Swazi tradition and cultural beliefs that has been infused with modern attitudes and western religion to create a fusion of cultures, a unique way of life.

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