boMake - WASH & Community Development

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WASH & Community Development

"We used to drink dirty water, which we shared with the livestock. Now that we have a borehole it is much easier for us to access water, and there is no illness in my family."

Clean water, food and shelter form the basic rights of every human on the planet. Yet, many rural families in Swaziland lack these essentials. By putting water in communities we minimise water borne disease which means children can go to school and women and children are not exposed to the burden of walking long distances to fetch water. Water brings life. Clean water brings improved livelihoods.

Gone Rural boMake helps to fulfil these needs in our communities through increased access to clean water; improved health & sanitation projects including installation of ventilated improved pit latrines as well as building of community halls to provide additional source of income to communities.

Our development projects are still growing – we hope to achieve these projects in the near future:

  • Expanding WASH (Water, Sanitation& Hygiene) projects for Hhohho region
  • Introduction of mandatory sanitation on all new community hall builds
  • Build 5 more community buildings for Lavumisa and Manzini groups for trading, and 3 dual purpose community buildings to house pre-schools & community libraries in Shiselweni

Help us complete these projects through donating now!