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Gone Rural boMake (meaning women) is a community development organisation, founded by Gone Rural, whose water, health and education projects empower 10,000 women artisans and their communities.

School kids
Sponsor a child to go to school.
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Over 90% of each donation goes directly to our communities!

"My children never used to finish school, as I couldn't pay the fees. Now they get their reports at the end of each year."

It is estimated that almost one third of children in Swaziland have been orphaned by AIDS. Fortunately, many have been taken in by their grandmothers or other family, however these relatives often can't afford to educate them.

Each year, Gone Rural boMake:

  • Sponsors more than 280 students to go to school through our School Fees Bursary Fund.
  • Helps these students to excel in their studies with motivational training.
  • Provides early childhood development training to more than 20 volunteer pre-school teachers, benefiting 1,200 children.

Our dream is to guarantee education to 360 children within five years. Make our dream come true!

Send a mobile clinic to the mountains. Click the red button to donate to our health projects.

Over 90% of each donation goes directly to our communities!

"In the past, I was a very sick person. But the arrival of the mobile clinic transformed my health for the better."

Challenged by the highest HIV rates in the world, rural health promotion and treatment are a priority for Swaziland. Gone Rural boMake provides a range of prevention, treatment and support services to rural communities.

To date, we have:

  • Provided a mobile wellness clinic to more than 4000 people.
  • Established a team of 44 peer educators, who lead the way in sharing information and facilitating behaviour change for HIV prevention – offering HOPE (Health Obtained through Peer Education).
  • Partnered with a range of national and international organisations to coordinate community health days in rural communities.
  • Provided access to holistic homeopathic care in five communities across Swaziland.

Gone Rural boMake’s wish is to extend the services offered through our clinics and peer educators, to include chronic disease prevention and providing glasses to those in need. Make this wish a reality!​

Gone Rural boMake community development water
Give the gift of clean water.
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Over 90% of each donation goes directly to our communities!

"We used to drink dirty water, which we shared with the livestock. Now that we have a borehole it is much easier for us to access water, and there is no diarrhoea in my family."

Clean water, food and shelter form the basic rights of every human on the planet. Yet, many rural families in Swaziland lack these essentials. Gone Rural boMake helps to fulfil these needs in our communities.

We deliver:

  • Clean drinking water to more than 6,000 people, through the drilling and rehabilitation of boreholes and the installation of one of Swaziland’s few solar water-pumping systems.

  • Cassava seedlings to enhance food security in four drought-affected communities.

  • Two community halls to shelter artisans during trading days and provide an additional source of income for communities. Our newest hall uses an eco-conscious design of mud bricks, made by community members from local renewable resources.

  • 300 VIP (Ventilated Improved Pit) Latrines to tackle sanitation and hygiene in four communities.

Gone Rural boMake’s desire is to expand our water and sanitation program to more communities and introduce sustainable solutions for community challenges, such as a permaculture gardening program to improve food security and a renewable energy program for lighting. Can you help fulfil this desire?
Kutimela training
Help a woman start a business.
Click the red button to donate to our women's empowerment projects.

Over 90% of each donation goes directly to our communities!

"The Joy Project restored our self esteem as women."

'Phezukwemkhono' (women of power) is a common call among Gone Rural artisans. 33% of Swazi women experience sexual violence in their lifetime, but Gone Rural boMake is working to inspire social and economic empowerment from within.

Since 2006:

  • All Gone Rural artisans have received education on Swaziland’s new constitution and their basic human rights.
  • The Joy Project has promoted mutual respect as part of traditional Swazi culture.
  • 30 women have been taught to read and write.
  • Up to 5,000 women and youth targeted through Kutimela – our micro-enterprise project, which uses economic empowerment as a driving force for social change.

Gone Rural boMake’s hope is to increase social consciousness and target action against gender-based violence, through advocacy and community-based action. Can you bring this hope to life?